Podcast #72

The Giants of Stonehenge and Ancient Britain.

Founder of Megalithomania and ancient sites explorer Hugh Newman, reveals how recent discoveries in Britain are confirming what Prof. Alexander Thom said all along – that stone circles are astronomically aligned, and are part of a greater geodetic survey, encode sophisticated measurement systems, and were built using advanced geometry.

Podcast #71

Pylos Agate: The Single Best Work of Glyptic Art Ever Recovered, and its Connection to the Stars.

David Mathisen is the author of over 9 books on myths and the stars, and how they share a common foundation of celestial metaphor. On this podcast David helps us discover how the ‘Pylos Combat Agate’, a Minoan seal stone, incorporates celestial imagery.

The Cosmic Influence

Join in as Walter Cruttenden and Shawn Freeman explore the ancient myth and folklore of cultures throughout the world and its connection to the stars, specifically the celestial motion known as the precession of the equinox. Walter, Shawn and their guests examine evidence that precession is caused by our Sun’s interaction with a lost companion star, of which the ancients knew. They explore how this grand celestial motion may cause a great cycle of Ages that has influenced human history on a vast scale and continues to influence our life experience here on Earth today.